Training Programs

Our approach for each training program is to be open minded. It is designed to work closely with the clients in order for them to appreciate the realities of the business.

We do this by identifying achievements and diagnosing pain points in the business operation. Once the baseline information is identified, we draft programs that build on the foundation of what works well and facilitate the process of change management and aligning the team. We do not believe in quick fixes, instead, we listen and incorporate clients needs in our training courses.

We also believe in building a long-term relationship with both the client and the participants of our training and support them (on demand-driven basis) to continuously improve through coaching and mentoring. The length of our training and coaching interventions can vary between a few hours long training sessions to year-long modularized programs.

General Management Training

The ultimate goal is to develop future leaders and senior managers who shall be tasked with driving the organizations business forward. General Management Program (GMP) is a comprehensive learning program linked to short and long-term business strategy. It combines educational and practical learning, supported by coaching and mentoring from the senior managers within and outside the business enterprise. It exposes the participants to 360-degree strategic management covering appreciation of market context, industry knowledge, and all business functions such as Sales & Marketing, Strategic Communication, Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Customer Care, Project

Management, Risk Management. Also, the important leadership dimensions: Willingness to Change, Achievement Drive, Emotional Stability, People Skills, and Assertiveness will be included. During the program, the participants are assigned challenging Projects/Leadership Roles that stretch their minds and develop resilience. The GMP can be done as a ten-day integrated program or six to twelve months comprehensive modularised sessions, depending on the client’s time and needs. It can be delivered in-house or off-site.

Supervisory Skills Course

The supervisory skills course is designed to build the participants’ awareness of the dynamics of overall business operations and their role in supporting the business in meeting the set objectives. It is also designed to expose the participants to the necessary soft skills to supervise and motivate their teams to deliver higher productivity. The training can be done as a comprehensive, modularised session that takes three to six months or a one-week training. The topics revolve around raising the level of self-awareness and appreciation of supervisory role, communication, emotional intelligence, influencing, managing and motivating teams, performance management, problem-solving and decision-making.


Graduate Development Program

Our Graduate Development Program (GMDP) is based on the belief that growing talent is an expensive investment, especially when planned in isolation. The target group includes fresh graduates who are carefully selected through Lindam Assessment Centre and put on a fast-track development program within a business enterprise. The Program is delivered comprehensive, modularised sessions that take twelve to fifteen months. This allows the participants to work in all areas of a business while on the program and complete challenging assignments linked to business priorities. These are assignments that will be carefully marked and rated as part of continuous assessment.

Tailored Training Courses

We support clients by providing Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and by developing tailored courses to address the identified needs. These courses are designed with input from clients and they are aligned to the specific needs of business industries. The type of courses we deliver includes: Key to Personal and Career Success as part of the induction program, Stepping up to the Management Challenge for first time managers, personal effectiveness and Effective Leadership for middle-level managers, Women in leadership, Sales and Marketing skills, and Communication & Presentation Skills.


We see organizations as a set of complex relationship of internal (workforce) and external(customers) stakeholders – where the skills of listening, inquiry and exploration are fundamental. The organizations that are the most successful are those that have these skills embedded in their culture. These skills are fundamental for being good coaches. Part of our mission as coaches is to help develop these skills within clients’ organizations. Our certified professional coaches provide coaching sessions to staff based on the clients’requirements and requests.